NBMonitor 1.1.8

NBMonitor allows you to keep track of your network bandwidth
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NBMonitor is a tool created by Nsasoft. NB stands for "Network Bandwidth" Monitor, and that is exactly what this program does - it is a real-time network monitor that shows you the connections, IPs, processes, and ports that any program is using through your network device. It also measures the amount of bandwidth you use at any given time, which is excellent when you have an Internet Service Provider that charges per downloaded byte or megabyte.

In case you have different network devices (multiple network cards, or wireless cards), then you can select an instance to monitor, as the program is capable of controlling each device separately. Although this is a feature that only some people will make use of occasionally, it is still very nice to have it. The program also draws distinction between Internet Bandwidth and Network Bandwidth, and you can neatly separate both of them and have distinctive reports and results.

This program does give you a lot of control over your network connections, and it is definitely very useful for those who need control over their bandwidth usage.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Lets you know your download rate


  • Requires Winpcap
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